Violinist – Music Educator – Former MCCSC School Board Member – 2023 Candidate for Bloomington City Council

As a longtime member of this community…

…I believe that there are three humane principles that should guide us as we move into the future; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. These are the mainstays of a vibrant and healthy community. Everyone’s ideas and contributions are necessary if we are to solve the problems facing every city today; poverty, homelessness, food shortages, personal safety and health issues. When we work together we can begin to solve these problems and build a future that will give everyone in our community the confidence that they will be heard and that they matter.

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  • Fired up and ready!

    Fired up and ready!

    “The job of a city council member is to listen to the ideas of the community, and then work to solve the issues that confront our city and its future — together.”

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